How to Find a Great Restaurant When Traveling

By: Russell Benavides

My favorite part about traveling around the world is discovering all the new food and drinks in each city we visit. The chorizo in Spain, the truffle pasta in Italy, the salmon in Seattle, the wiener schnitzel in Germany, the craft beer in Oregon. My mouth is watering just writing about them. Each place we go is filled with wonderful dishes and I make it my mission to try the best ones. Over the years, I have become adept at finding great places that are delicious and for the most part affordable. See how I find these restaurants in the steps below. Continue reading How to Find a Great Restaurant When Traveling


Tips for a Last-Minute Trip to Oktoberfest

By: Russell Benavides

Megan and I traveled to Munich last December for our Christmas trip through Europe. When we left, we could have never imagined we would be returning nine months later for Oktoberfest. But that is exactly what happened a few weeks ago as we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the opening weekend of the great German beer festival.

What is even harder to believe is how easy and affordable it was for us to book this trip at the last-minute. Continue reading Tips for a Last-Minute Trip to Oktoberfest

Birthday in Lisbon

By: Megan Walker

I was fortunate to celebrate my 27th birthday in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon has always been high on my list of future travels, and when Russell and I moved to A Coruna, Spain, the logistics of going were too easy not to finally make the trip. The city was lovely with a beauty unique to itself, separating it from the rest of the cities in Europe we have visited. Continue reading Birthday in Lisbon