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2 Hours in Monte Carlo

By:  Megan Walker

On our road trip through the French Riviera, we, unfortunately, found ourselves pressed for time when entering Monaco. We hate blowing through any city (in this case country), so we were faced with the dilemma of whether to enter Monaco or save it for a time we could really enjoy it.

Well, this girl has seen The Bond movies a few too many times and I was DYING to get into the famous Monte Carlo Casino. So we made the decision to do the best we could with the hours we had. Continue reading 2 Hours in Monte Carlo


How to Save Money When Traveling in Europe

By: Megan Walker

Can you ever be done traveling in Europe? With the infinite storybook villages, cobblestone streets, and architecture soaked in history combined with the delicious cuisines and local liquors; Europe is addictive. It offers some of the best traveling experiences there are, so we’ve compiled our favorite tricks to keep European Travel cheap so that you can keep coming back for more!

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