Tasty Bites A Coruña: Taberna Casa Rita

IMG_20131012_141109.1  IMG_20131012_140903.1


By Megan and Russell

After a long week of working online inside the apartment, we love to spend our Saturdays walking around the city center. We visit the neighborhood farmer’s market, do some window shopping, and ALWAYS stop by Taberna Casa Rita.


We discovered this gem one Saturday by simply following the crowd. We noticed a sidewalk clogged with locals gathered outside of Casa Rita, talking and drinking in typical Spanish fashion. We pushed our way through the pack and finally made it to the bar area. To blend with the locals, we ordered a caña and glass of Albariño wine. Our drinks came accompanied with a complimentary cup of stew, and with one bite, we quickly realized why everyone was here at Casa Rita.

IMG_20131012_140833It was a simple, yet delicious Spanish style soup made of garbanzo beans, chorizo, and chili powder and served in matching clay pots. This warm and hearty stew was the perfect treat on a cool, crisp Saturday in Fall.

While enjoying our new Saturday obsession, we took notice of the waiters serving the constant influx of customers. Each one maneuvering small trays overly stuffed with beers, bottles of wine, and small pots of chili. A truly amazing feat.

IMG_20131012_134050 IMG_20131012_135659

We took our time enjoying our drinks and surroundings. We watched the locals as they talked with their friends and sipped their drinks, everyone taking life at a slow pace. The Spanish pace. We couldn’t be happier about our new Saturday tradition at Casa Rita.

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