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Spanish Football Match - Deportivo

Our Spanish Football Experience

By: Russell Benavides

Being the sports nut that I am, I love to throw myself into the sports culture of whatever city I am in at the time. When I was in Boston, I thoroughly enjoyed going to Red Sox games. When I visited San Francisco last year, it was great watching the Giants in the playoffs and feeling the energy of the city. Now that I am in Spain, this desire to connect with their sports culture is no different. Unfortunately, their sports culture is quite a bit different from back in the States. Basically it’s soccer..errr….football and football only.

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Pond, Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain

The 5 Must-See Things in Madrid

By: Russell Benavides

The beginning of our Spanish adventure marked my return to Madrid for the first time since I completed my study abroad program in 2007. I was excited to be back and was eager to see what Megan thought of the city I loved so much. I had everything mapped out and was ready to show her what the city had to offer.

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